The New Word is a highly interesting work, especially as a debut effort. Breeze’s lyricism is abstract yet highly descriptive, for example:

“Your collarbones a mountain range chiselled churned by hurricanes”

shows the sort of imagery-dense content that is found in every nook and cranny of this album, and an exploration into society and characters in the form of surreal, observational description is a theme on the mixtape. This can be found on tracks like ‘St. Luke’ where a street scene is described with

“Boys on bikes holding hands pushing prams”

or on ‘Please Don’t Push Me Away’ when we meet Jack who

“Calls his bag a girl’s name because she needs to know/ he can support the weight of a woman”

This abstract wordplay has a hint of MF Doom to it, and the combination of irregular flow with unique vocal delivery only adds to the image of St. Breeze as an eccentric yet deeply thoughtful character, with a touch of swagger about him.

There are many topics covered in Breeze’s music, ranging from family and childhood to love and relationships, but some of the most evident influences are that of pop culture and literary culture. On ‘Paris’, Breeze makes comparisons to Kanye and, on my favourite track from the mixtape‘Blue’ Breeze is,

“Playing black jack like a black Jack Kerouac”

demonstrating the literary influence that permeates the album strongly, not only through references but also the littering of poetic techniques like repetition, alliteration and assonance, not to mention a whole song (‘The Hills’) based on the poem ‘Les Collines’ by Guillaume Apollinaire.

Of course, the production of the album deserves a mention, almost entirely produced by Zenith with a few appearances from Howlll. It has the sort of chilled out but slightly untidy feel of Madlib or perhaps Statik Selektah, yet the overall mood is less jazz influenced in favour of a more classical feel. Haunting, lonely piano and synth hooks accompanied by relaxed, snare-heavy drum beats dominate most of the tracks, breaking up occasionally in place of a more upbeat instrumental or, in some cases, a blues-band feel. Furthermore, the mixtape features several guest appearances from Mother Mary, Zealah, Dijon, Aimili and Leala Lamasz, in singing and rapping roles.

Overall, The New Word is a promising debut effort. Its bold and experimental yet chilled out feel belies an artist with a unique, distinctive style and the courage to try something new. As with all debut mixtapes, there are areas to work on but with some work, there is no reason why we couldn’t see St. Breeze hitting the underground scene hard in the not-so-far-away future.We caught up with St. Breeze to get his view on the mixtape and to find out a bit more about what makes him tick…


DC Hey St. Breeze, how’s it going? First up, how did you get into hip hop initially, in terms of listening to it as well as getting into trying it our for yourself?

SB I got into hip hop because it’s a more accessible outlet for my words – no one today wants to read more than 140 characters if you dig. There’s maybe one trad. hip hop track on there ‘Blue’ but we don’t listen to much hip hop and we don’t make hip hop, we Breeze. Obviously hip hop has indirectly influenced how our music sounds, but not more than anything else has.

DC What sort of stuff from the hip hop world do you see as really influencing you and having an effect on your music, as well as on your life in general?

SB Hip hop, rap etc is saturated with shit and I’m digging for gold. I hear everything but study one or two things master it and move on. Nothing out there has resonated with us in a powerful way, that’s why we do our own shit. On MCHG the beats are dope but Jay-Z sounds like he’s got his sweater-vest wrapped around the mic – Summer Knights is fresh and I dig Yeezus but he took all this time to finally do and say what he really wanted to say. The difference is we’re coming out with what we got straight up and aren’t trying to please anyone. Yeah we could have come out with a straight hip hop album but we’re not just releasing a mixtape, we’re starting a revolution. We create atmospheres and experiences. A true revolution takes time. We know we’re excluding a lot of people but that’s cool with us, people who are brave enough to hear this shit are converted because it sounds like nothing that’s ever been created. People call it jazz rap, alternative hip hop, underground, dope pop, IRM intelligent rap music and try to compare it but we got no competitors. In the future the people will say the music of their time derived from Breeze music. The New Word is a ceremony.

DC And where did St. Breeze come from? ‘Canonising’ yourself must have some sort of significance, and the pictures of you that we have seen have a really striking effect. Is there a character behind St. Breeze? What is he about?

SB I’m a Saint because everyone today is trying to be a god but Gods don’t exist. A Saint is anointed by the people, a human first who creates or achieves remarkable shit and that’s what I do. Like I’m sayin in the tracks we no gangsters just some sorta g-a-n-g. The only swag I got is the courage of my sincerity. Most people have a recurring dream when they’re a kid. Mine was always dying for other people.

DC And what about your hair in that photoshoot?! It looks awesome, I for one was really curious as to how you did that!

SB Gold leaf. It was the photographers idea hit her up:

DC So let’s talk about The New Word, there are all sorts of themes covered in the album, from your childhood experiences to your experiences as an artist. Was there an overarching purpose or message behind the mixtape? Or was it a mixture of all sorts of experiences and thoughts?

SB The New Word is samples and remixes of human emotions, experience and communication we’ve connected with or we’ve imagined. It’s a mix of the producers and my own distillations of reality. It’s the first audio export of abstract expressionism. Its like a Harmony Korine film – the plot is the people. Its my first collection of poetry. Its my first retrospective exhibition.

DC A word on the production, you worked with Zenith and Howlll on The New Word, both of whom are not very well known. Can you tell us a bit about these two? Where did you meet them and is this their debut production work?

SB This is their first major project. I worked with Zenith on a project a few years ago and he introduced me to Howlll and Lucky Strike. Together with other producers writers artists we been making dope shit for nearly a year as ‘The Collective.’ ‘The New Word’ is just the first outcome we’ve announced as ours. You’re already watching reading listening shit we’ve produced and you don’t know its us yet.

DC Finally, what can we expect from you next? Are there going to be more mixtapes in the foreseeable future?

SB Shooting third music video for ‘Instrumental Music 2’ this week. Recording first few tracks from The New Word Part II end of this month. The second coming of sincerity. ILM- intelligent lip movement volume two. The union of youth.




Playing BLACKJACKlike aBLACK                   JACKKERouac You play my trombone like a jazz age attack Yes yes yes yes a blue kind of track Launderette cigarettes play chess Confess a black quarterback biblical Hunchbacks on horseback ready to attack Im in it on this shit not ready to quit it Bitches brew and undress Repossess your red dress bless in excess Playing black jack like a black Jack Kerouac You playing on my sax we a jazz age attack Cleapotra in distress im quick to lick it I shit on her headdress breeze dont give a shit Spit straight down like celestial rain Fuck your children and marriage the first audio export of abstract expressionism msinoisserpxe tcartsba Spill your blood off the back of a train miscarriage True wit true shit we cutting scenes like Kubrick Dispossess Your red dress in excess see we hybrid Lets procreate violence tape a tape over scenes of unnecessary highness Wake and bake in Orleans with complimentary violence Take and take aubergine coloured chested alien asian titans This billmurrayshit stevezizzoutoo will harm you and others around you Legs lethargic but my lips quick Until today you not heard this shit better watch behind your back man Like an angel having a massive attack man Take conversations like Apollinaire Dont finish on the sheets prefer the air around your hair If this sounds intelligent i dont care you think you got swag I got more than that in one pubic hair slaying rubber bands we Slaying rubber bands intoanuglybitchesbackpack Elastic ass snap back and forth like tik-tak with style and finesse Im gonna get it its in your best interests breeze don’t give a shit Liquidate my patience absolve my order and anger Dilate the absence dissolve the recorder dagger Gold plated asians evolve my wader im eager To wait for dedication evolve the borders cliffhangers Overrated endurance speech disorders bootleggers Overweight sciences resolve the warder banger Rollerskate over alliances revolve reorder eat badgers men with feminine charms Procreate acceptance devolve the boarders eat badgers Trace the eyes in their minds up the mnemonic incline Pulsate syllables through hoops steeper every troupe French frankincense makes no FUCKINSENSE My eyes closing busted illiterate porn mustered The subliminal is higher than they realize Spend an hour blind the fountain foam of mankind Lonely blue begins to droop imsorryimMAAADswoop We eat in one hundred see waterfalls in custard The egotistical fucking perfect hair animalized White tint like bone resigned sensitively feed and find Cheekbones drop memoirs on loop im a normal guy i dupe Yesterdays news clustered heal like nitrogen mustard i’ll bring the gold and make you sly-rrh Hypercritical surreal experience supersized Silence has been declined yellow eyelashes maligned The trying to feel alright group brains react slower than soup Certain pressures flustered throat is rough been dusted Lets write biblical household disease and criticize Your collarbones a mountain range Breeze of today is not enough to change Got black spit just without the black lips Unless you count Kanye kissin my ass Sittin front of my class learn from your disciple Bitch you read my bible thought your graduation 2007 By the time you finish school finally made it to heaven Step in to my office like i stepped up on your coffin Declared king throat on your oesophagus DARE to express DESIRES the inclinations of our BODIES anticipate the possibilities of JOY and DISSapointment in our future CARNAL UNION Restrict your blood flow like your last three albums did Circulation so Lame narration so tame Sending me emails on my gosh damn Can we collaborate write me a love song I know you can’t freestyle more than thirty seconds long But thats okay I can forgive and forget serotoninsssweetsssseepssspill  over  their  ssswollen  lips  like  dry MUD Real power gives me power to erase your regrets Not write them in stone ill brainwash bones Might be scared to hold but your mind is old Blind to the tastes of the young worn and numb Saliva drip off your thumb This is my arrival no need for survival No mortal motherfucker like asap GEL$ Shaved head knock your block up SHAKE-SPEARES not back ain’t his revival Love ain’t a smoke made with the fumes of sighsNo one can make fire like I do miles DAVIS back like a bitch on heat Hello jack toast to the dead Calls his bag a girls name because he needs to know he can support the weight of a woman On his back behind his head Sometimes i feel hes the only one that knows me Sometimes i see hes the only one who lets the door close slowly People cross roads they blend like holding hands A kind of intimacy were too scared to understand Holds his hand to his face to cover his nose Even though its the one that his mum and dad chose You like it when the sun and the sea juxtaposeMaking rainbows you never see your eyes are always closed He wants that feeling beautiful people get When they walk on roads and turn heads When he moves through corridors hugs the hairs of the walls Like trainspotting and aids forgetting your friends names 93 the last year my family all together Had another reason but the truths soundin betterMother said i always stay too long now im Scared to sleep to see our love undone See before birth i was loosely tied But now my grips weaker than on my first night But im blue not red limp hands like before Shifted years but im still tender Sown under my eyelids the filled thirst Im scared to sleep so destitch the colours first embalm my body so the decay can delay i can stay young another day embalm my body The decay will slow today watch what tomorrow well grow Should I be next door when one by one we fall To hold the people we saw the memories together weve grown ‘cus I fell in on my own Ill shut my eyes tight fingers crossed like on a Ryanair flight And a hopeful open mind hoping this plan might lead me Somewhere safe for the night Some say its an eternal resting place of love or of pain I say deaths just a party in the rain Yeah baby maybe we kinda crazy When your born in a storm its gonna be wavy some-thing will ruin her chance! We used to be on off switches saving our energy for other bitches and dicks But now i know im gonna build a boat Thatll last us a while fuck uneasy sleaziness Lets float on the river nile Im st breeze you my royal highness In my brothers absence sirens the sound of my silence Sound of my silence Sound of my silence launderette cigarettes inhaling lawnmower smells shredded with tobaccoSound of my silence I looked at four her eyelids vacuumed tight So the edges of her eyeballs became defined Sorrow started to seep out of her emptied eyes And a twinkling glaze formed overheartbroken veins Now i know things are wrong when i want you to stop spinning it r  e  s  t  y  o  u  r  w  r  I  s  t  s cuS i cauSE more damage onitthanoffitWhen i can’t wait for winter for the trees to shed their leaves So I know someone else has grown tired of their own skin When im sad when iceburgs burn ‘cus i yearn for the warmth of the worlds concern The cakes you used to make every year And every time i had a taste it was good Now when i think it fills my throat Burns like bubbling honey swells until i choke Dribbling out like the mouth of a volcano funeREAL Forever staining my bottom lips rim Like a that water can’t wash away Well sit beside your bedside light until the morning comes and wraps you tight Diminishing attention spans Today the sunset is coloured a darker kind of grey And the sounds through the walls are covered in a darker kind of shade My skin peels when i rub my fingers on my face Taking her eyes and his nose away To an in-between place where my memories graze Milking the colour from tomorrows face The quiet crawls down my bedroom walls Into a pool on the floor reflecting the white paint Which pours through my blood flow my veins Shed their skin like honeycomb Organs have to heave to press out the air Dont remember your smell dont remember your hair dont have a side of the bed We rap-scallLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLions japanese malian afghan Italian Im solving shit in the main hallways nobel laureates Fields medal winner reknowned astro physicists Lowly M.I.T. professors highly m-o-p generators Irish curses can’t see it in the mirrors answers straight back at ya We no gangsters just some sorta g-a-n-g S + T equals BREEZE you still tough but you didn’t prove it I did this shit mast-e-r class Every day come in with your six cents Every day i come in im applyin’ multiplyin’ my sixth sense Don’t you remember we went to kindergarten together You licked my balls then you still do like for-ginger-ever You can cuff my hands but you can’t cut my tongue I twist it around your lung for fun before your eyes can catch up REM none I.L.M. intelligent lip movement volume oneEvolution of the market economy in the southern colonies Regurgitating Gordon Wood page 98 right i read that too To another this shit can’t be explained Thats the kinda feeling you get when you fuck with a saint Started with battle scenes he just wants someone to buy flowers for To have lunch in france with friends 12-15 Dance like hes sixteen again The weird tragedy of it to manage his organs And make his skin ripple like a tyrannosaurus Lets make a good moral life and make it to heaven Attract creative people and heroin addicts and creative heroin addicts Geniously dumb eyes worn and numb blind to the tastes of the young And the old kind of fun and not giving a fuck being a kid and makinjunk/ but still looking For something he can’t define lets be human beings itll be worth your time Oh so essential it makes you be wrong Singing resentful gone for too long Cus you still make me sad come in a costume like you do every day Sleep in the space write on trains without an expiry date His structure is all or nothing Wheels still turnin’ round even when your lyin’ down How much did you steal today how much did you take away A POUND la POUND concorde POUND leading POUND me POUND astray POUND petals POUND on POUND her POUND chest Arent the ones that he left you can’t take your press beautiful loser that Can’t be tagged monitor your emotion Your motion can’t be strapped Well just do what we can if we are all Old man suits sunday morning Maybe he was at funeral this morning mourning On monday loved their kid yes they did So they bought a house with four floors Yes they did in case someone got in They could come bottom or top back around Most likely from the floor so he slept on the third One from the hurt two from the dirt Father slept on the fourth This shit dat mamon This shit madswoop Im just a normal guy i dupe Now i got me some first class matches Gonna burn a light to your uneducated tactics Impede on my stampede union of youth Deal with my subconscious fiends Shit biometric purchase antiseptic These scars won’t sleep wounds narcoleptic Pointing to scars probably reminiscin’ about the war and kissin’ Sunday mornings like a marathon birthday cake Im like Bruce now i seen no expiry date old people Your smile is everything but senYou werent supposed to grow up this quickly I wasn’t supposed to bring you down with me I wanted to party in my own company this will Reverberate beyond the moment beyond the moment the moment moment I want to dance with myself with me Ill be pure with you ill suck ill fuck then ill duck Seal the silicone seams of your stomach Ill be pure with you ill suck ill fuck then ill duck Seal the silicone seams of your stomach Two earphones in a while one earphone out So she can listen to his breathing not stalking but stalling A release patterned therapy Breathe in breathe out like a sunflower And unwavering attraction discreetly Another earphone out as hes leaving i dont even know what ya name is vitae vivacious with vitality and stainless your current curriculum is to learn how to be painless cus you still hangin on my back and my shoulders sore from the straps from when I carried you in a bag she stays internally bleeding Pastel skinned fruit juiceless girls dried passionless skies Stable bark plain glass and medicine paved paths I get seasick when we drive through the rainMy sympathy no longer splits and shares the same Eternally bleeding as my feet face my ceiling She ain’t discrete then fields in holidays Skin on skin thats the only way All those words you dont have to speak or say I know theres no way i wanna lie and not lay to yesterday Breathe in not out mirror glances and lip pose pouts Imagine the children in the battles screams no shouts All screams no shouts One day in the sky over Paris two great airplanes made war One was red and the other was black and still higher as the zenith flamed Eternitys sunshine one was my entire youth small comfort Other was the future made war furiously Same as the radiant archangel struggled with Lucifer deeper frangraaaanceSO calculus hates the problem so night hates day So my love batters my love so hurricane Uproots the screaming tree but look at the sweetness Paris like a girl awakens languidly shaking her long long hair She begins to sing my youth was shot out of the sky paraletic paralympian drownin in lake Michigan im eligble to save him imma stand in life guard cus i been helpin you when things been too hardaccelerating technological change Blue sunshine Now see how the future burns Hear me announcing to the whole world the birth of prophecy Man flies higher than eagles man pleasures the oceans Man dispels shadows and spleen His dream is real now is the time of the magic see they return Billions of prodigies 196 no molecular motion fathers to no fables and unimaginable We shall require from man more than ever was required We shall test his will and the power of it Naked and unaided naked and unaided I am the self-dismembered man denatured detached Capable of death incapable of sin What no one has ever touched i have touched intimately Tasted what no one could possibly imagine I measured numberless unthinkable lives i can die smiling Okay start at the end right at the beginning If youre afraid to call it love lets call it swimming We were burning like a forest fire now we burning nice and quiet like a funeral pyre Take me out to sea teach me to swim How fast how quick then i can distinctly learn how to sink quickly On my final blink i hope it glues i hope it remains on a permanent image of you death becoming necessary for diverse evolution Yes lets please dont push me away because im sad today Im stressed because there are no cigarettes left I smoked them all because I was stressedLet breeze be real really Im proud were no longer a secret well kept But you can’t just be in love with me on weekends Unsteady side to side your lips are heavy on mine No yes i come you come we come in time My mind is fine it just can’t walk in a straight line You keep giving me different reasons why youve lost your keys See my name is saint i haven’t slept for weeks Saint haven’t slept for weeks